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I think these are the best words in the world that man can hear from a woman.

When a woman appreciates you and would put you above any kind of perfection, you must hold for it and never let her go. Because she loves you - a person. This is literally a living treasure.

#And can we appreciate what this means for Chandler? # Chandler whose been undervalued and ignored his whole life? #His parents barely noticed him,# all his other girlfriends left him for other guys,# he spent his relationship with Monica paranoid someone else# - Richard, Jeffrey, Don her ‘soulmate’, even Joey# - was better for her than him.# And then Monica just stands up # and tells him he is more important than what had been the biggest dream of her life# better than ‘the most perfect guy in the world’#

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this character is dead
totally dead
how dare you suggest otherwise
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Pictures From Last Night’s Costume Fitting Photo Shoot!

Last night we got a chance to get five of our six leads together- Laura, our Lily, is currently in Orlando- and so we had to get some pictures for you guys! For the film, Sirius and Severus will both be under high quality wigs and Remus will have his scars (some of the things we need money for). Ben’s hair will be cut and styled for Remus, Andrew will be hitting the gym to get into Quidditch Captain shape, and he’ll hopefully have glasses that aren’t the director’s!

But we can’t do this without your support! The Kickstarter Is Almost Over, Help us Keep the Magic Alive!

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I couldn’t be prouder of my cast, and I promise, you’re going to love them.

But we’ll only be able to make the film if we reach our minimum, so we need your help!

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